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- Silver thread ( up to 400ºC ) and nichrom thread (up to 600ºC.) from thermoelement to head.

- Isolation by ceramic bead.

- Outer protective case in AISI 316 material.

- To avoid breaking the element and ceramics during transport, it is filled with perfectly compacted magnesium oxide powder.

It is put under a procedure developed at EPCO that guarantees an isolation greater than 20 Mega Ohms at 250 V. A 20 º C.

Platinum sensors according to DIN 43760, with tolerances 1 DIN and 1/3 DIN, (we also equip thermoelements with nickel sensors)

Head. standard in aluminium alloy, with ceramic floating socle, antivibrations.

It's possible to make the probes with an alternative method of construction, using continuos jacketed conductor and magnesium oxide mineral isolation.




There are several manufacturing methods for temperature probes and we are able to adapt to any requirements we are asked for, being the usual method DIN stantard


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